Hey, welcome to Rock Your Genius.

Rock Your Genius is about ...

  1. Shipping creativity*.

  2. Turning dreamers into doers.

  3. The side hustle & the creative pursuit (more generically, business & creativity).

You're in the right place if ...

  1. You want to start an online business (or side hustle).

  2. You want to turn your hobby or interest into a business opportunity.

  3. You want to be more creative or launch a creative pursuit.

  4. You really, really (finally—really) want to do this thing. (But you're not sure where to start.)

The Rock Your Genius tribe includes ...

  • Wantrepreneurs & Creative Pursuers

  • Dreamers & Doers (including INFJs, ENTPs, & ESTJs)

  • Lifestyle Designers

  • Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners

(We also like funny* people. And dog people.)

The Rock Your Genius Philosophy ...

  • I believe whatever you can do, or dream you can do, you should begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.[1]

  • I believe you should figure out what you are and then do it on purpose.[2]

  • I believe you shouldn't ask what the world needs, but what makes you come alive and go do that.[3]

  • I believe you're a genius* (or, really, that you have a genius). You should find it. And then figure out what to do with it. (I can help with that.)

  • I believe impossible things. Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.[4]

(Actually, that's what [1]John Anster, [2]Dolly Parton, [3]Howard Thurman, and [4]The Queen from Alice in Wonderland believe, and I happen to agree with them.)

The Rock Your Genius Plan …

Ready to get started? Here’s how Rock Your Genius can help.


Step #1 - Discover It

Book a GENIUS Inquisition
(aka, discovery + strategy)
Discover your brand, business, and launch strategy (i.e., find your genius and figure out what to do with it).


Step #2 - Launch It

Book a LAUNCH Intensive
(aka, a launch sprint)
Kickstart your side hustle or creative pursuit in a super-intense, 5-day launch sprint.


Step #3 - Build and maintain It

Book Rock Your Genius support services.
Need help building a website, launching a podcast, creating an intro video, or maintaining things going forward. Our a la carte support services can help you build whatever you can imagine (and usually in under a month!).


Rock Your Genius Resources ...

About the Founder


By the way, I'm Amber—Chief Launch Strategist & Nerd Creative at Rock Your Genius. I live in Small Town, Indiana with the husband Joe and our a-hole dog, Koa. (I also hate photos.) Learn about my latest projects here.